Precision Tools for PET Packaging
  • produce high quality preforms
  • achieve fast cycle time
  • consume minimum energy
  • minimize mould change time
  • repair and service easily
  • provide a long and trouble free service life


Core lock type stack design
  • Thread splits are locked in position by lock rings before mould closing to minimize wear of thread split tapers on the cavity side for a long flash-less service life of thread splits
  • Preform collar is placed inside the thread splits to minimize clamping force requirement and resulting stress on the mould and clamping unit
Modular cavity construction
  • Replaceable cavity lock ring; a wear part separated from cavity for inexpensive and easy replacement
  • Replaceable gate insert; a wear part separated from cavity for inexpensive and easy replacement
  • Cavity never needs to be replaced
  • No axial load on cavity allowing the use of lower steel section thickness and faster cooling
Precision machined and finished
  • Weight variation across cavities is minimal
  • Excellent concentricity between core and cavity for minimum wall thickness variation
  • Consistent dimensions across cavities
  • Flash-less parting lines
  • Good mould life due to perfect matching of components under load
Large gate diameter and generous venting
  • Permits short injection and hold times
  • Resin is exposed to less stress during injection
Thread splits manufactured from corrosion resistant steel

Gate thermally insulated from hot runner nozzle and aggressively cooled
  • Low crystallinity in the gate area of the preform
Cavity and core manufactured from highly conductive, tough and wear resistant steel
  • Fast and efficient cooling
  • Highly resistant to mechanical failure
Wet area maximised in gate, cavity, thread splits and core
  • Fast and efficient cooling
Cooling water channels in gate, cavity, thread splits and core, designed for turbulent flow at minimum flow rates
  • Ensures fast and efficient heat exchange between steel and water
  • Chilled water pump consumes less energy
  • Requires a smaller flow rate pump
Cooling channels of cavity and core plated for lifelong corrosion resistance
  • No deterioration of cooling rate over time
Large channel diameter for chilled water transport in mould base
  • Low pressure drop in water distribution channels resulting in energy conservation
  • Less pressure demand on the pump
All stack components hardened to over 50 HRC and cryogenically treated
  • Highly wear resistant
  • Resistant to plastic deformation and changes in dimensions
  • Cryogenic treatment increases wear resistance and toughness beyond what is possible with a conventional hardening process
  • Long service life
PVD coatings (optional)
  • Extremely wear resistant to protect surfaces from wear
  • Easier ejection with lower ejection forces
Mould base plates hardened and plated for corrosion resistance
  • Highly rigid to withstand clamping forces without deformation
  • Provides adequate support to stack components
  • Extreme resistance to corrosion
  • Long service life
  • Cores, core lock rings, thread splits, and cavity lock rings can be changed with the mould in the machine, for quick and easy servicing
  • Only one chilled water inlet and outlet for each mould section, with distribution channels drilled into the mould base plates, for quick mould change and low probability of water leakages
  • Quick coupling connectors for quick mould change
Cavity Spacing as low as 50 mm x 120 mm (micro-pitch) for thread diameters of up to 30 mm
  • Permits the use of higher number of cavities for any machine size for higher productivity
Standardization of components
  • Reduction in spares inventory for a group of moulds
  • Easy servicing
Customized to fit any appropriate hot runner

Customized to fit any injection moulding machine

  • Comprehensive training provided to customer’s technicians in mould and hot runner maintenance as well as PET processing
  • Professionally competent company technicians for mould commissioning, and training at the customer’s factory
  • Standard wear parts are kept in stock for immediate shipment 

Machine Platforms
  • Husky HyPET
  • Husky GLine
  • Husky Index
  • Krauss Maffei Petform
  • Sipa XForm
  • Netstal PET Line
  • Nissei ASB PM Series

144 drop fixed side for Husky HyPET 500 ton press-

02_PETform_Preform_Mould_144cavities_CvP 017

144 drop moving side for Husky HyPET 500 ton press-

01_PETform_Preform_Mould_144cavities_CPA 016

144 drop cavity & core side for Husky HyPET 500-


72 drop mould for Netstal, cavity section-


72 drop mould for Netstal, moving section-


48 drop mould for Husky Index 250-


Samples of bottle preforms made from our moulds-


Samples of jar preforms made from our moulds-


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